Spinbol Cup 2019 - OFFICIAL Call for Applications!

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Alex Suhov

Year: 6
Tak-on win: 25
Points: 1 046
Hello, guys!

It is time for an official announcement of coming World Tournament for intermediate pen spinners - Spinbol Cup 2019 - and in this post I am making to collect applications from those of you, who want to take part in this event!
Here is a video, if you don't feel like reading a lot of text:

Tournament will start supposedly in October 2019. Most likely there will be 8 or 16 participants and 3 or 4 Rounds accordingly - maybe more or less. I am going to show each battle of each round in videos on my channel.
Some of participants will get eternal additional discount in - which will be for, Champion of Spinbol Cup will also get prizes from there (and great respect).

To apply for the Tournament:
1) Make a video of a combo – within 15 seconds, nothing too difficult, a freestyle would also be fine, you just need to show your average skill. Don’t be afraid to seem low-skilled, this is not a Tournament for PRO pen spinners, mostly for new generation.
Place a piece of paper near your hand, so we could read info on it – your name or nickname, under which you want to participate and name of a Tournament. For example, Alex Sukhov – Spinbol Cup 2019.

2) Get 650 points for your account on by playing Tak-On games here. This is a Spinbol Cup after all, among spinbollers:)

You can apply if you don't have enough points, but until you get 650 points I wouldn't consider your application.
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Year: 5
Tak-on win: 10
Points: 794
Hi, I have been spinning since 2015, but my progress isn’t very big( I’m lazy). But playing tak-ons gives me a lot of positive emotions. Thanks Lantz for this project. P.s. sorry I don’t know exactly where to post my combo

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